Metaphysical Classes


With shifting energies, many of the souls are being pulled -

To be alone and process - often moving away from friends

To meet others and share energies and experiences.

About Classes . . .


Many people are forming small classes that meet on a weekly or monthly basis.

The purpose of the classes is to further one's awareness - to meditate and to learn.

There has to be at least one person who has taken it upon themselves to set up the class.

The place and time has to be decided by the needs of those attending and can vary from time to time.

Places can vary from someone's home - to a space that feels comfortable and has good energies.

After a few meetings it is best to find a specific time and place to meet!

Consistency seems to work best here as it builds energy.

Of course the group - or members of the group - may want to venture out in warmer weather to explore in nature.

For now it is best to just get the pulse - energy flow - of the group going.

Fees can range from a free class - a donation - to whatever you decide. . . depending on the length of the class and the overhead.

The length of the class may vary depending on the day of the week. A two-hour meditation class is often enough!

Taking a break during the class - and serving refreshments is optional. Many people serve tea and cookies.

Class size can be as small as two people or as many show up for the day.

Most people prefer an evening class but daytime classes are just as powerful.

Some people focus on celestial timing such as full moon energies. This is up to the group.

The selling of products is also up to the person holding the class.

Some people will bring products they create hoping to sell them to a class - herbal products - crystals - games/cards - books, etc.

The focus of the class shouldn't be about buying products. It is up to the members of the class.

Finding members for the group takes time. They actually find you - synchronicities will bring them.

This can come from word-of-mouth or using flyers to advertise - in a local metaphysical, health, or book store. This should attract a few people also searching for a group of this kind. When the time is right - the souls will know how- when - and where - to find the group.

Some souls will stay for many meetings - others will drop out after one or two.

Please do not take this personally.

With new groups - ask for suggestions from the other members.

Class Agendas


This varies with the person organizing the class.

A class creates its own pulse based on those attending.

The organization of the class will take time until some sort of patterning is developed.

There should be some sort of pattern with the class - yet it must be flexible as well.

Just ask your guides to do that work for you!

Understand that Spirit - will guide people to the class for their souls to grow.

It is wonderful to have a professional teacher visit once in a while even if the fee for the class is higher that day.

Some classes may attract healers who will heal and teach for free. It is their choice.

If someone is teaching class - they may want to give out notes or other printed material.

If your class is just a few friends who want to get together on a weekly basis - then make it a meditations class.

Set the energies as you see fit - nothing too hokey!


A short meditation at the beginning of a class can set the mood and balance the energies.

The average meditation is 15 minutes - no more.

Music for a guided meditation can be used at each meditation.

The same music can be used each session - or it can vary.

Class members can bring their favorite music or the teacher can supply it.

Some class members prefer not to use music.

This must be decided by the members of the class.

Group meditations are more powerful that individual ones - which is what makes them so much fun. Think about all that spirit energy sending messages at the same time!!

People may receive messages for other members of the class - which they can share after the meditation.

If it is an evening class be sure it is not too late or you will hear people snoring while others are trying to concentrate.

Music can be used for the meditation - either by the person giving the class or one of the members. Remember that what one person considers good meditation music - another may consider distracting.

There is lots of great music and guided music files on the internet which can be used as background music during the meditation - if the computer is close to the group!

A guided meditation is always best. That involves a theme of some kind.  This means that someone softly talks for about three minutes - relaxing the group them leading them on a journey . . .

Using a guided meditation on CD or cassette is also good.

In a basic meditation - proper breathing and relaxation of the physical mind and body is achieved.

This enables the person to visualize whatever is being said by the teacher . . . then drift off into another space.


Group Remote Viewing


Group remote viewing can also be done as people move their consciousness into different space-time grid programs.

The preparation is the same as with meditation - breathing and relaxation of the mind and body.

Everyone in the group loosens their clothing - takes care of toilet needs - finds a relaxing position - sitting or lying down.

Be sure to use a blanket if you tend to be cold during meditation or remote viewing. When leaving one's body - the body temperature will often decrease.

No music is needed - as the group is verbal during the session.

Usually one member of the group begins . . . "I see . . . I think I am in (name of place or timeline)"

Others will move their consciousness to that program and then continue along.

During this type of session - people will talk about what they see and experiences.

Some people are naturals and will get there quickly - others will need time to trust what they see and hear.

This can be a bit difficult if the group is too large - as it is hard to know when you should speak about your experiences.

A place to go . . . . take the class on a journey to Atlantis and that timeline grid.

Our Classes

Our bi-weekly classes revolve around any of the subject areas of psychic development and growth.

Each class had a theme - often with literature given out - or visual aids if possible.

Using billets is a great way to start the classes.

You'll be surprised - as will the other members of the class - how open they are - and how accurate the information is that they receive.



One of the most popular is past life regression.


Just sit in a dimly lit room - or dark room.

Have another person sit directly across from you.

No table is needed.

You can even sit on the floor.

Place a flashlight under your face.

Don't move your facial muscles.

Have the person across from you watch you as your face changes shape.

This can happen immediately or take a few minutes.

After the new facial features take hold - the person watching you may be able to get details about the face - you in a past or parallel life.

It is best to get the sex of the person - male/female. the physical description. Try to get other information about the person's physical appearance - fat/thin - facial hair / any hair - style of dress - etc.

Then you psychic . . . name of person - where they lived - anything about them -

More than one person can observe the person holding the flashlight - at the same time.

A candle can be used if a flashlight is not available but a flashlight is better - easier to hold - and safer.

A picture of the person who is shifting can also be taken.

You may even see the person as an animal - or from another grid program - ET stuff!

Everyone should get a turn at everything in each class lesson - unless they decline.

Someone should record - or write down what is said - so the subject can review it later.


Things To Watch Out For . . .

Please be careful that the class doesn't turn out to be a group therapy session.

It should be a place to leave the negative energies of the 3D world behind and move into higher awareness frequencies.

It shouldn't be about gossip. It should be about compassion. If someone wants to bring tarot cards or other psych tools to the class to play with - from time to time - be sure everyone gets a free reading.

If the person is still learning tarot - take all information with a 'grain of salt'!

All classes should result in a feeling of moving
forward with your spiritual and emotional path. Enjoy!




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