Your ET Self

UFO sightings and ET experiences have been part of Earth's history and will always remain as such.

In many cases these are physical experiences (both positive and negative). In other cases these are telepathic experiences.

In all cases they are as real to those involved in them as your 3D experiences are for you.

One learns to never question the reality of another soul's experience as the veils between our realities is very fine at this time - and anything goes!

Reality for you today - is how you perceive it.

It could all change at a moments notice!

Everything in this program is connected as it all comes from one source.

Spider web

The 'spider web effect'

This makes us connected to each other - and to other races no matter what they look like or where they exist.

Somewhere in each of our soul experiences - we have lived in a body other than human form.

If 'all things' are happening simultaneously - then we are experiencing in other 'bodies' at this time.

We have to expand our consciousness to allow for all of the realms of possibility that our souls can experience.

Lesson 1 - Your ET Guide

For today you are going to determine if you have an ET spirit guide to take you on this journey.

If not - you will connect with another of your spirit guides.

This is not a meditation.

Prepare some writing paper and a writing implement to sue to draw images. White paper - even computer paper is best.

Close your eyes for a moment and ask telepathically, "Do I have an ET spirit guide?"

You will immediately hear a 'yes' or 'no' reply in your mind. Take the first response. We are just asking easy questions today.

If the answer is yes - you might ask for a name. If you can not 'hear' the name - or it sounds vague - you can approximate the name and assign the name that sounds closest to what you heard. You may also create a name if you chose as this is just a short journey.

If the answer is 'no' - you might ask if any of your guides will assist you on a journey to find out your ET origins.

You should get a 'yes'.

Select a name and tell the ET guide to return tomorrow to begin.

Using your clairvoyant skills - you should get a visual image of the ET.

Study the face and eyes of the ET.

Make notes or draw what you see - even if the image is silly and you have no artistic talent.

This is for your reference.

You can reference my ET files to see if your guide matches the description of any of the aliens mentioned by others. Celestial Entities or Extraterrestrials.

Lesson 2 - Visual of your ET self 

I hope you have made a connection with the guide who will take you on your journey to see your ET connection / connections.

As time permits today - find a quiet place sitting at a table or in a chair wherein you can place a large writing pad on your lap. Perhaps you can be seated on the floor!

Keep a pen/pencil in your hand and a large piece of paper - or large writing pad - in front of you.

White would be the best color for your paper as it does not influence the energies of what you will be doing.

Tell your ET guide that you wish to be taken back to a lifetime when you lived as another life form - preferably in a physical body.

Place your pencil in the middle of the page.

Slowly . . . start drawing a line backwards (as you see 'backwards') on your paper. (It can be straight or wavy - as your hand guides).

Allow your hand to write or draw freely. Just wait and watch.

When you are ready - STOP drawing the line.

Now close your eyes and see that line as a timeline for you.

You have stopped at a certain point in time to which you had a past life as an ET.

If your line is straight - you have adjusted to the timelines quickly and your path has been clear.

If it is wavy you have had many parallel realities and stops along the way with learning lessons.

If the line is short - you have only played in a few games since that time.

Determine approximately how many thousands of years you have gone back. (Your first guess is best). It could be millions of years!

Mentally look up in the heavens!

If you see fuzzy images - allow your 'thoughts' to guide you as well as your third eye.

With your eyes closed - take your pencil and drawn what you see - suns - moons - planets - ships - other. It does not matter where you place them on your page or their size and shape.

Take your time.

Do not open your eyes. This is not about art in the traditional sense.

Now mentally take yourself to a planet that connects for you.

See yourself on the surface of the planet.

Draw a short horizontal wavy line.

You are at a body of calm water.

Look into the water.

Slowly an entity will appear in the water.

You see a face slowly focusing. Other aspects of the body take form.

Begin to draw what you see even if it is just a circle representing the head.

Draw other facial features as best you can - focusing on any distinct features that you see.

Try to draw the body - as tall or short - fat or thin - old or young - number of limbs - other external features - clothing - jewelry - communication devices - weapons.

Get as much visual information today as you can about your entity and his/her surroundings.

When you are ready - stop!

You will most likely laugh a bit - or even be surprised!

If you have crayons or water colors - you may want to color your picture to help and enhance what you saw. Color brings in a whole new dimension.

Save your drawing.

Tomorrow we make communication with the entity - and draw some more.

Lesson 3 - Conversing with your ET

Find your quiet place.

You may want to tape record the questions in this lesson. Please talk slowly.

Prepare the drawing you made yesterday, your paper and your writing tools.

Place the drawing near you.

You may continue on that page or find begin another - as your soul guides.

Place a date and time on your drawing wherever you chose.

Close your eyes and ask your ET guide to return you to the space/time we visited yesterday - wherein you saw the ET.

It may take you several minutes to focus.

As the images are focusing - concentrate on the sounds you hear on the planet where your ET self exists.

Slowly your ET comes into view.

You have come to communicate with him/her today.

Send a greeting.

Wait for a reply.

You may hear it in your mind - or see a visual greeting.

Now take your paper and pencil.

Ask the following questions . . .

With each answer write something on your paper - even if you do not understand what it means. Sometime you may make a tiny mark - or other times you may make a huge line.

Please take your time - but as always take your first response.

Make random marks and see what the finished picture looks like when you are through with your questions.

What is your name? (Listen for a response. Do not focus on your writing/drawing. Allow your right brain to do that). Where are you from? Does your planet have a symbol? Is your race benevolent? What is your function? How do your people travel? Show me symbols from your written language. How many are in your family? Do you have a soul mate? How do you perceive 'love'? (Draw what you 'feel') What do you see for my planet Earth at this time? How vast is your universe? Who creates your reality? Continue on with questions that come to your mind Ask your ET to send you messages at random.

When you are finished - if you feel the urge to color any of the picture - please do so.

You need to study your drawing from all angles. It may be upside down!

You may recognize symbols from messages you have received in your meditations.

The possibilities are endless and within the realm of your abilities.

Please save your drawing!

You may want to frame them.

These lessons - which can be repeated as your soul guides - should have allowed you to make a connection with some aspect of your soul that lived/lives in another space/time - that you would presently call alien.

You may have experienced a new alphabet, language, life form, galaxy, wherever your mind and guides have taken you to awaken the greater aspects of who your are as a soul. The point is to see that you are not limited to who you are in this space/time - but are multidimensional and have vast amounts of knowledge that you will tap into now.






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