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Beekeeping Youtube Channels


  1. 628 Dirt Rooster Bees - 628 Dirt Rooster channel is a beekeeping channel dedicated to learning by doing and having fun in the process.
  2. A Canadian Beekeeper’s Blog - Follow Ian’s channel to submerse yourself into the world of a Canadian commercial beekeeper life!
  3. Barnyard Bees - Beekeeping honey bees at Barnyard bees is very enjoyable. We love teaching beekeeping.
  4. Brook Hill Honey - Mr. G's Honeybees - Hobbyist Beekeepers documenting their journey. The ups, the downs, and the joys of beekeeping. Swarms, splits, honey harvesting, rendering wax and the battle with the Varroa mite.
  5. Bruces Bees - I have had so much fun working with honey bees and it seems that each experience is an adventure! I decided that I would create brucesbees so that others could go along for the ride.
  6. Bug Farmer - This channel is an exhibition of my adventures in beekeeping and urban and sustainable farming. No reason why the average person living in a neighborhood or populous area cannot raise bees and create edible and sustainable landscaping.
  7. The Bush Bee Man - This isn't your typical beekeeping 101 channel, but you will learn about beekeeping supplies we use, especially when it comes to extracting honey.
  8. Castle Hives - This channel is all about Beekeeping, with some added vacation videos and every now and then some every day stuff.
  9. David Burns - We are passionate about beekeeping and honey bees. We help people learn how to keep bees for pollination, for fun or for extra income.

  10. Devan Rawn - This channel is to present beekeeping in a fun way, to answer questions

  11. Flow Hive - Our invention - the biggest innovation in beekeeping for 150 years - was originally launched in 2015 and is Indiegogo's highest-funded project ever. Includes our patented Flow Frames, allowing you to collect fresh honey straight from the hive.

  12. Frederick Dunn - This channel covers a wide array of topics and subjects. I cover lots of insect-related topics as well as general rural living.

  13. The Honeystead -

  14. Jason Chrisman - Beekeeping how to's and what to do's. Basic to advanced beekeeping tutorials. Learn bee biology, bee hive equipment, bee pests, and lots of other topics. Join me as I work with the bees in and out of the hive.

  15. Jeff Horchoff Bees - The videos I make primarily highlight the many aspects of bee keeping that I endevor in, but there is also the occasional video on woodworking that relates to bee keeping. Please, join me on my adventures as the bee keeper for the monks.

  16. Jerome Bee Farm & Homestead - Our videos chronicle our modern homesteading journey with beekeeping, gardening, chickens, and just about anything to do with the hard work maintaining our land and the tools and equipment we use.

  17. JP the Beeman - My channel showcases my obsession with honey bees, removing them from manmade structures of all types & from natural structures such as trees.

  18. Kamon Reynolds - Tennessee's Bees - Beekeeping videos for the successful beekeeper! Beelife is amazing and there are new tools, techniques, and beekeepers to meet!

  19. Massachusetts Prepper - This channel started out strictly as a prepping channel and quickly evolved into a variety of content. I still do product reviews of all kinds but over the last couple of years (2018 through 2019) the channel has evolved into a beekeeping channel

  20. Mike Barry - This channel was initially set up to share videos with family and friends out of state. I like to share some of my bee videos, so I have cleaned it up a bit and kept a few of those on here and will add some as I make them.

  21. OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY - We share our adventure to a sustainable life, growing our own food from vegetables to meat as we HOMESTEAD.

  22. Pine City Apiary - This channel is to document my journey, my discoveries with bees and beekeeping. Learning each time as I go. Join me in that adventure!

  23. Richard Noel - Beekeeper coming to grips with life as a professional. Work hard, play hard. The rewards are there in life. You only get the one chance, so I tend to do the best I can!

  24. Texas Beeworks - Professional beekeeper Erika Thompson takes you inside the hive with exciting educational and instructional beekeeping videos.

  25. Treatment Free Beekeeping - Learn about Treatment-Free Beekeeping, keep your bees strong and your honey clean. This channel contains all sorts of talks, how to videos, podcast episodes, and tutorials, teaching the concepts and practices that will make keeping bees fun, enjoyable, and maybe even profitable.

  26. Vino Farm - Beekeeping · Growing: Organic Vegetables, Apples, Grapes, Blueberries · 18th Century Home Improvement · 21st Century New England Homesteading

  27. Walls Bee Man - Actual beekeeping videos by a real beekeeper.


Beekeeping Supplies


  1. Barnyard Bees

  2. Betterbee

  3. Dadant  Beekeeping Supplies | Quality Beekeeping Equipment

  4. Glorybee

  5. Mann Lake – We Know Bees

  6. Miller Bee Supply: Home

  7. Tractor Supply Company - Beekeeping Supplies



Beekeeping Organizations


Missouri Local

As of March 2016, Missouri had 35 local beekeeping associations. See the Missouri State Beekeepers Association website for a list of the local associations and information on when and where they meet:



Missouri State

  • The Missouri State Beekeeping Association holds an annual conference, publishes a bimonthly newsletter and offers robust member-exclusive content on its website:



  1. American Honey Producers Association
  2. Civam Apicole de Haute Normandie - (France)
  3. Western Apicultural Society
  4. Back Yard Beekeepers Association - (Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY)
  5. Georgia Beekeepers Association
  6. Chattahoochee Valley Beekeepers Association - (Georgia)
  7. Cherokee Beekeepers Club - (Georgia)
  8. Coastal Empire Beekeepers Association(Georgia)
  9. Coweta Beekeepers Association - (Georgia)
  10. Heart of Georgia Beekeepers - (Georgia)
  11. Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association - (Georgia)
  12. Tara Beekeepers Association - (Georgia)
  13. Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club - (Idaho)
  14. Illinois State Beekeepers Association
  15. Cook - DuPage Beekeepers Association - (Illinois)
  16. Fox Valley Beekeepers Association - (Illinois) - (Illinois)
  17. St. Clair Beekeepers Association - (Illinois)
  18. Stateline Beekeepers Association - (Illinois)
  19. Will County Beekeepers Association - (Illinois)
  20. Indiana State Beekeepers Association - (Indiana)
  21. Indiana Beekeeper's Association, Inc. - (Indiana)
  22. Kentuckiana Beekeepers Association - (Kentucky/Southern Indiana)
  23. Michiana Beekeepers Association, Inc. - (Michigan/Indiana)
  24. Kentucky State Beekeepers Association
  25. Allen County Beekeepers Association - (Kentucky)
  26. Bluegrass Beekeepers - (Kentucky)
  27. Maine State Beekeepers Association
  28. Maryland State Beekeepers Association
  29. Allegheny Mountain Beekeepers Association - (Maryland)
  30. Anne Arundel County Beekeepers Association - (Maryland)
  31. Association of Southern Maryland Beekeepers - (Maryland)
  32. Bowie-Upper Marlboro Beekeepers Association - (Maryland)
  33. Howard County Beekeepers Association - (Maryland)
  34. Montgomery County Beekeepers Association - (Maryland)
  35. Massachusetts Beekeepers Association
  36. Barnstable County Beekeepers Association - (Massachusetts)
  37. Bristol County Beekeepers Association - (Massachusetts)
  38. Essex County Beekeepers Association - (Massachusetts)
  39. Franklin County Beekeepers Association - (Massachusetts)
  40. Hampden County Beekeepers Association - (Massachusetts)
  41. Middlesex County Beekeepers Association - (Massachusetts)
  42. Norfolk County Beekeepers Association - (Massachusetts)
  43. Plymouth County Beekeepers Association - (Massachusetts)
  44. Worcester County Beekeepers Association - (Massachusetts)
  45. Michigan Beekeepers Association
  46. Kalamazoo Bee Club - (Michigan)
  47. Michiana Beekeepers Association, Inc. - (Michigan/Indiana)
  48. Southeastern Michigan Beekeepers Association - (Michigan)
  49. New Hampshire Beekeepers Association
  50. Kearsarge Beekeepers Assoication - (New Hampshire)
  51. Merrimack Valley Beekeepers Assoication - (New Hampshire)
  52. Pawtuckaway Beekeepers Association - (New Hampshire)
  53. Seacoast Beekeepers Association - (New Hampshire)
  54. New Jersey Beekeepers Association - (New Jersey)
  55. Central Jersey Beekeepers Association - (New Jersey)
  56. Essex County Beekeepers Society - (New Jersey)
  57. Northwest New Jersey Beekeepers Association - (New Jersey)
  58. Catskill Mountain Beekeepers Club - (New York)
  59. Empire State Honey Producers Association - (New York)
  60. Long Island Beekeepers Club - (New York)
  61. New York City Beekeepers Association - (New York)
  62. NYC Beekeeping - (New York)
  63. Southern Tier Beekeepers Association - (New York)
  64. Western New York Honey Producers - (New York)
  65. North Carolina State Beekeepers Association
  66. Orange County Beekeepers Association - (North Carolina)
  67. Ohio State Beekeepers Association
  68. Greater Cleveland Beekeepers Association - (Ohio)
  69. Southwestern Ohio Beekeepers Association
  70. Ontario Beekeepers Association
  71. Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association
  72. 2 Cs and a Bee Beekeepers Association - (Pennsylvania)
  73. Capital Area Beekeeper’s Association - (Pennsylvania)
  74. Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Assoc. - (Pennsylvania)
  75. Philadelphia Beekeepers Association - (Pennsylvania)
  76. Rhode Island Beekeepers Association
  77. Charleston Area Beekeepers Association (CABA) - (South Carolina)
  78. Lancaster County Beekeepers Association - (South Carolina)
  79. Pickens County Beekeepers Association - (South Carolina)
  80. Tennessee Beekeepers Association
  81. Nashville Area Beekeepers Association - (Tennessee)
  82. Vermont Beekeepers Association
  83. Virginia State Beekeepers Association
  84. Beekeepers Guild of Southeast Virginia - (Virginia)
  85. Colonial Beekeepers Association - (Virginia)
  86. Prince William Regional Beekeepers Association (PWRBA) - (Virginia)
  87. West Virginia Beekeepers Association
  88. Mid Ohio Valley Beekeepers Association - (West Virginia)


Partnership associations

  • FieldWatch, a nonprofit organization that operates DriftWatch, a mapping tool for communication among beekeepers, farmers and pesticide applicators on the presence of apiaries and pesticide-sensitive crops 

  • Honey Bee Health Coalition, a group of almost 40 food, agriculture, government and conservation organizations and agencies focused on achieving and supporting a healthy population of honey bees and other pollinators 

  • Missouri Pollinator Conservancy Program, an MU Extension program that seeks to minimize economic losses for farmers and beekeepers by adequately managing row-crop pests while minimizing the effect of pesticides on honey bee colonies

  • Pollinator Stewardship Council, a nonprofit group that strives to protect pollinators vital to a sustainable and affordable food supply from the adverse effects of pesticides




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