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Pairing Fish and Seafood with Wine

Dish Wine

Reason for Pairing

Steak & Lobster
Pinot Noir This lighter red wine doesn't overpower the lobster, but is still strong enough to complement the steak.
Broiled Lobster with Butter Chardonnay A Chardonnay that's crisp with fruity flavors balances the fullness of the butter, while the acid content of the wine brings out the flavor of the lobster.
Steamed Crab Legs Chardonnay While a crisp Chardonnay pairs well with crab legs, another popular pairing is beer.
Grilled Tuna or Salmon Pinot Noir These darker, oilier fish are complemented perfectly by this light red wine.
Grilled Grouper or Snapper Chardonnay These fish are whiter and leaner with more of a delicate flavor. An oaky Chardonnay is a good accompaniment.
Steamed Tilapia Fume Blanc Steaming a delicate fish like tilapia means you need a white wine that's more delicate and less oaky than Chardonnay. The green apple taste of Fume Blanc complements this delicate cooking presentation.
Steamed Mussels
(with butter, garlic and fennel)
Pinot Grigio This is a lighter, sweeter wine that balances the garlic and fennel while complementing the Italian flavor of the dish.
Grilled Scallops (with citrus butter) Pinot Grigio A light Pinot Grigio is an ideal complement to the scallops and the taste of citrus in the butter.
Fried Shrimp Beer Nothing beats the popular combination of relaxing with a beer and a plateful of fried shrimp.


 Wine Types

White Wines

Aromas and Flavors


Sparkling Wine

Apple, pear, yeast Medium
Sauvignon Blanc  (Fume Blanc) Herbaceous, grassy, hay, citrus, grape-fruity Light to Medium
Chardonnay Pear, apple, oak, buttery,creamy Medium to Heavy
Viognier Floral, peach, apricot, pear, fruity Medium
Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio Crisp, pear, peach, apricot Light
Pinot Blanc Pear, apple, floral Medium
Chenin Blanc Peaches, fruity Light
Gewurztraminer Lychee nut, spices, rose petals Medium
Riesling Apple, lemon, floral, apricot, fruity Light

Red Wines

Aromas and Flavors


Pinot Noir Strawberry, berries, cherry Light - medium
Merlot Blackberry, plum, current, chocolate, vanilla Medium
Zinfandel Berries, jammy, cherry, earthy Medium to heavy
Cabernet Sauvignon Blueberries, black current, cassis, raspberries, oaky Heavy
Syrah peppery, spice, blackberry, cinnamon Medium to heavy
Petite Syrah Blackberry, pepper, jammy Heavy
Sangiovese Cherry, fruity, spice Light to medium
Cabernet Franc Raspberry, casis, herbacious Medium
Barbera Berries Medium

Wine Clubs


  • International Wine of the Month Club - members receive two different bottles of internationally selected wines each month. Also offers gift memberships ranging from 2 to 12 months.  

  • California Wine Club, The - have two different bottles of wine delivered every month, from smaller boutique wineries through out California.  

  • California Reds - wine of the month club offering three wine clubs, a wine online shop, wine gift ideas, and winemaker interviews in the monthly newsletter.  

  • Taste of Monterey Wine Shop, A - wine shop and club offers Monterey, California wines, accessories, gourmet foods, tasting room, and gifts.  

  • French Wine Club - offers gift baskets, wine club membership and reports of the wine regions of France.  

  • Gold Medal Wine Club - monthly wine club featuring award winning California wines every month. Gift memberships and packages available  









Wine Resources


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