Allspice Allspice It is a dark-brown, pea-size berry. Comes from the evergreen pimento tree. Pungent, sweet mixture of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg flavors Breads, cakes, cookies, fruit sauce recipes.
Basil Basil Member of the mint family. It has green leaves. Sweet clove-like flavor, pungent Mostly used in Italian and Mediteranean cuisine. Best with chicken, eggs, fish, pasta, tomatoes.
Bay Leaf Bay Leaf Leaves from the evergreen bay laurel tree. Also called laurel leaf. Woodsy, pungent Meats, pickling, sauces, soups, stews, vegetables.
Bouket Garni Small bundle of herbs wrapped in a cheesecloth bag or tied together and added in soups to add flavor (parsley, thyme, and bay leaves is the classic combination). Herb blend Soups, stews
Cayenne Peper A mixture of seasoning made from different tropical chiles, including red cayenne peppers. It is very hot and spicy, so use in moderation if you don't like spicy foods. Also called red pepper. Hot, pungent Eggs, cheese, Cajun recipes.
Celery seeds Comes from wild Indian celery called lovage. celery flavor, slightly bitter For pickling, salads (potato and cole slaw), soups.
Chili Powder A mixture of different seasonings (ground dried chiles, coriander, cumin, garlic, oregano and other herbs and spices). Mild to hot Chili, eggs and cheese, soups, stews.
Chives Chives Belongs to the onion and leek family. Source of vitamin A. Onion or garlic flavor Appetizers, shellfish, cream soups, salads, sauces.
Cilantro Cilantro Bright-green stems and leaves from the coriander plant. Pungent, soapy fragrance Very popular in Italian, Latin American and Mexican recipes (Fish, rice, salsas, salads).
Cinnamon Cinnamon Bark from the Ceylon or Cassia tree Comes in buff color or dark reddish color. Cinnamon sticks are added to dishes during the cooking process to add flavor. It is very aromatic and sweet. Sweets, hot drinks, vegetables (carrots, winter squash, sweet potatoes).
Clove Clove Reddish-brown budds from the tropical evergreen clove tree. Aromatic, pungent and sweet. They give a very strong flavor so use with care. spice cakes and cookies baked beans, pickling, sauces.
Coriander Coriander Related to the parsley family. Seeds from the coriander plant. Mixture of lemon, sage and caraway flavors. Mostly in Mexican and Spanish recipes, pickling, sausages
Cumin cumin Dried fruit from a plant in the parsley family. Slightly bitter, pungent, hot Middle Eastern, Asian and Mediterranean cuisine (Chili and curry powder blends, fish, lamb, pickling).
Dill Seed dill seeds Dried seed from the dill plant Tangy and pungent flavor salads,meats, sauces, vegetables
Dill Weed dill Green leaves from the dill plant Pungent, tangy fish, pickling, salads, sauces, eggs, vegetables, breads.
funnel seeds Oval, greenish-brown seeds from the fennel plant Aromatic, slight licorice flavor Breads, fish, sauces, sausage, soups, Italian recipes.
Ginger ginger The root from the ginger plant slightly sweet, slightly pungent and spicy aroma Chinese, Jamaican and German recipes, (cakes, cookies, marinades).
Marjoram marjoram Member of the mint and oregano family. Oval, pale green leaves. Aromatic, slightly bitter and pungent Fish, meat, poultry, sausages, stuffing, vegetables
Mint mint One of the most popular spice used. Strong, sweet, cool Refreshing beverages, desserts, lamb, sauces, soups
mustard seeds Comes in white, yellow, and brown seeds. Hot, pungent Meats, pickling, relishes. Powdered mustard (finely ground) is used in sauces.
Nutmeg nutmeg Oval seeds from the nutmeg tree. Dark grey color. Mace is the spice obtained from the membrane of the seeds. Nutty, warm, spicy Beverages, cakes, cookies, white sauces, sweet potatoes
Oregano oregano Member of the mint family, related to marjoram and thyme Strong, aromatic with a pungent marjoram flavor Fish, meat, poultry, tomatoes; Greek, Italian and Mexican recipes
Paprika paprika Powdered dried red peppers Slightly bitter, sweet to hot Dips, fish, poultry, salads (potato and egg), soups; important ingredient in goulash
Parsley parsley Curly leaf and Italian (flat-leaf) parsley are two of the more popular spices that exist. Slightly peppery Sprigs used as garnish, herb mixtures, sauces, soups, stews
Peppercorn peppercorn Berries from the pepper plant. Black, white and green peppercorns are three kinds processed from the this plant. Hot, peppery Enhances flavor of most meats, eggs and poultry
poppy seeds Very small gray, white seeds from the poppy plant Deep nutty flavor with crunchy texture pastries, breads, cakes, salad dressings, vegetables, meat
Rosemary rosemary Silver-green leaves; member of the mint family Sweet, hint of lemon Casseroles, fish, fruit salads, lamb, soups, stuffing, potatoes
Saffron safron Dried yellow-orange stigmas from the crocus plant. Pungent, aromatic Rice, poultry, sauces, stews (bouillabaisse), Spanish recipes (paella), Swedish cakes and breads
Sage sage Narrow, oval, gray-green leaves. Musty, minty, slightly bitter Chicken, duck, goose, pork, sausages, stuffing
sesame seeds Tiny, flat seeds, brown, red or black Nutty, slightly sweet Breads, cakes, cookies, salad dressings, seafood
Tarragon tarragon Narrow, pointed, dark-green leaves Slightly licorice flavor Eggs, meats, pickling, poultry, salads, sauces
Thyme thyme Member of the mint family. It is a bush with gray-green leaves. Pungent, tea-like Fish, meats, poultry, soups, vegetables, potatoes
Turmeric turmeric Yellow-orange root of a plant related to ginger; used to flavor and color food. Pungent, earthy, slightly bitter flavor Curries, East Indian cuisine, primary ingredient in American-style mustard




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