Lineman Boots vs Logger Boots

logger vs lineman boots


Common features

They may look very similar, and sure, they have similar features, but logger and lineman boots are actually quite different due to the different purposes they serve.

Logger boots are designed and made to provide ultimate traction through the caulks on their outsoles which allows the lumberjacks to roll logs.

Lineman boots are used by linemen, cable installing technicians, arborists, tree surgeons and tree service workers. They have become popular among motorcyclists as well, who like the extra support and the leather side patches. Traditionally, these are made from heavy cowhide leather, and usually they have no lining. They feature the special strong steel shanks to prevent the boot from flexing when climbing a ladder or pole. They are usually from 14 to 20 inches high but can be custom order to up to 38 inches.

They also have steel shanks which provide extra support and traction which makes climbing poles or trees easier and safer.

Both logger boots and those for pole climbers are usually made from thick leather, which has not been split, and is much thicker than the leather used for the uppers of other work shoes.

The leather upper of both types of boots is usually oil tanned and has not surface finish. This means that they are fully water resistant, plus they are breathable.

Both usually feature the kilty or false tongue. The 8” leather strip with a serrated edge on the bottom of the lace eyelets. The original intention was to provide some padding the instep and the laces.

Lineman boots have special accommodations allowing for wearing various spikes for climbing. They also traditionally have leather patches on the side as well as side plates made of steel to protect the inside of the toe area from scratching and injury during climbing.

Another common feature between them is that neither is fitted for wearing in extreme cold conditions. The soles can harden up from freezing temperatures, making them slippery and dangerous for walking and climbing or log rolling in the snow.


Differences: lineman boots vs logger boots

The differences between them is that the Lineman boots have several added special features to make them suitable for pole and tree climbing, and to actually protect them in the process of climbing from the special climbing irons which linesmen wear.

  • Steel side plates and leather side patches to keep the poles, motorcycle levers and trees from damaging the boot
  • The steel breast plates for protecting them from the special climbing irons
  • The leather half-slips are for extended arch support

Linesmen boots are usually black, but they can be found in redwood and brown as well.

In addition to the above mentioned main differences, you can custom order some other special features, such as:

  • steel safety toe caps
  • different types of lacing studs
  • regular toes or lace-to-toes
  • insulation for colder weather
  • leather lining
  • either black or tan laces
  • durable Vibram lug soles as well as other types of outsoles
  • yellow, khaki, black or brown stitching
  • various heights up to 38 inches.

Attributes that Differentiate One Line Boot from Another

Three differences in top-quality line boots are:

  • Weight, due to the amount of steel used to reinforce the toes and sole; however, that steel may be the difference between life and death, depending on the job you perform.
  • Some line boots are made for colder climates and others are not.
  • The soles on some boots are designed to withstand climbing steel ladders, while others are made lighter for running after materials on the ground. Be sure to select the one that suits your job assignment.



Best Lineman Boots Review

Hoffman Composite BootsHoffman Dri-Line 10” Composite Boots

The Hoffman Dri-Line 10” Composite boot is rated for both safety toe and electrical shock. Steel shanks provide excellent support when climbing poles. The uppers are all leather, and a water-resistant liner makes these boots the perfect foot support during rain. Linemen report they have stood in water over the top of their boots and no water has seeped in.

Pros Cons
·        Triple lockstitched seams ·        Not good for ground work
·        2 steel shanks ·        Will get chewed up on steel
·        Thick outer sole ·        Intermediate price
·        Warm in cold weather ·        Heavier than Wescos
·        Waterproof  
·        Double steel shank for climbing  
·        Composite toe  
·        D, E and EEE widths available  




Wesco Lineman BootsWesco Highliner 10” Lineman Work Boots

Many linemen consider the Wesco Highliner “the boot to beat” in the lineman boot industry. They contain every extra available for comfort and protection, and they can take the abuse of climbing poles daily for years. Wesco boots can be repaired and rebuilt for a second and third time when you take proper care the uppers. Clean mud off immediately and wax on a regular basis, and you can get years of wear from one pair of Wesco Highliners.

Pros Cons
·        Comfortable ·        Not good for ground work
·        Accurate Fit ·        Will get chewed up climbing on steel
·        Great for climbing ·        Cost
·        Ergonomic  
·        Light weight  
·        Steel shaft for climbing  
·        Leather side flap  
·        Removable false tongue  
·        Steel shank is slightly arched for support and comfort  
·        Leather half-strip in arch for added support  
·        Metal breastplate in the heel protects against climbing spurs  
·        D and E widths available  


Carolina Logger BootCarolina Composite Toe Logger Boots

The Carolina Composite Toe Logger Boots are built for loggers who need water protection, comfort and support. They do have a composite safety toe; however, if your employer requires steel toe boots, these will not make the cut. If you are looking for a product made in America, this may not be the one either. Reviewers are mixed on the sizing and comfort of these boots, so be sure to read reviews and make sure you can return the boots if you buy them and don’t like them.




·        Composite safety toe cap ·        No steel toe
·        Leather uppers ·        Made in Vietnam
·        Lug-sole soles ·        Not insulated
·        8” shaft ·        Run narrow
·        Waterproof membrane  
·        AG7 Polyurethane Foot bed is removeable  
·        Rated for Electrical Hazard  
·        Heavy Duty Steel Linesman Shank  
·        D and E widths available  


Danner Work BootDanner Mens 400G Logger Boots

Customers report the Danner Mens 400G Logger Boots are very comfortable. The lightweight Bi Fit board offers extra support in the sole without adding the extra weight of steel. These boots are insulated, so you may be warm if you live in a southern state. Note that they are imported for those who are no-exception “Made in America” fans.




·        Nubuck leather ·        Imported
·        Rubber sole ·        Less expensive
·        10.5” shaft ·        No steel toe
·        Danner Dry Waterproof protection  
·        Lightweight Bi Fit board  
·        400G Thinsulate Ultra insulation  
·        Non-steel toe meets or exceeds ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH standards  




Ariat Powerline Industrial BootsAriat Powerline Industrial Boots

The Ariat Powerline Industrial Boots are made more for ground work than climbing. They have Lug Sole soles, which are made from thick rubber. They do not have steel shanks or steel toes if those are required by your employer. Ariat claims the Lug Sole material offers extra stability in wet conditions. They do have a composite safety toe and are rated for electrical hazards. These boots would be great if your job requires working on the ground; however, they may not work for climbing.




·        Leather uppers ·        Mid-price range
·        Lug Sole soles (thick rubber sole) ·        No steel toes or shanks
·        Ariat’s “Advanced Torque Stability Pro” technology  
·        Composite toe  
·        Rated for ASTM electrical hazard  
·        Oil and slip resistant  
·        Waterproof  




Best Logger Boots Reviewed

Chippewa Logger BootChippewa Men’s 9-Inch Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot

With a history that spans more than 100 years, it’s safe to say that Chippewa is a pioneer in this area. The company claims to use only the best materials, construction techniques, as well as the most innovative technology. And while many brands have a tendency to make empty promises, this particular model is a testimony to Chippewa’s pledge. Many refer to them as super loggers and for good reason.

They are constructed using Goodyear welt construction, making them some of the toughest available on the market. The tough lacing system combined with the triple-ribbed steel shanks makes them super supportive. Chippewa utilizes inbuilt “chip-a-tex” waterproof internal booties as well as Apache leather to make this logger boot 100% waterproof.

The interior is lined with Ruby Dri-lex 2000, which ensures that moisture and sweat wick away for blister-free feet. This also helps make the boot waterproof and more comfortable, regardless of where you work. The removable insole makes cleaning easy.


• 100% waterproof

• Durable construction

• Easy to clean

• Extremely supportive


• Expensive




Sketchers USA Men’s Cascades Logger BootSketchers USA Men’s Cascades Logger Boot

These boots are extremely comfortable, especially in hot weather. Their light yet protective materials used in their construction means that they aren’t too heavy. This makes movement around the construction site and in the woods quite easy. The shock-absorbing midsole is another outstanding feature of this boot. It allows for improved comfort, especially when walking on uneven surfaces.

Durability and protection are areas of concern when it comes to logger boots. Sketchers achieves both with several features. For starters, the rugged lug patterned traction soles provide exceptional grip as well stability each step of the way. You therefore don’t have to worry about falling or tripping while wearing this boot. It is made from 100% pure leather that doesn’t scratch and lasts for years, regardless of the conditions.

Other notable features include cushioned insole (for more comfort), side and heel overlays, padded tongue, soft fabric boot lining, heel pull on loop, lace up front with metal eyelets, triple reinforced seams for added durability, as well as oil resistant traction sole.


• Good cushioning

• Great stability even on uneven and slippery surfaces

• Exceptional grip thanks to rugged lug pattern traction soles

• Good waterproofing capability

• Constructed with pure leather


• Heel is too high for some users




AdTech Logger BootAdTech Men’s 9-Inch Logger Boot

If you are in the market for a budget logger boot that actually serves the purpose, the AdTech Men’s 9-Inch is a good bet. Contrary to what you’d expect, this low priced boot is of great quality and provides value for your money. It is made from pure from leather, which is known for durability. The rubber sole provides good traction to keep you from slipping while working on slippery areas. They also provide a good grip while working on a ladder.

While the boots aren’t waterproof, the oil resistant lug outsole helps with wicking away the moisture. This logger boot also features a soft plan toe, which some may not like. The speed lacing hardware makes it easy to secure the boot to your feet, thus preventing them from falling while working.

On the downside, this boot doesn’t come with an insole and given how hard it is; your feet will thank if your purchase insoles separately. In addition, the brass hooks could be a little heavier in gauge as they have a tendency of bending.


• Affordable

• Several color options

• Good balance


• AdTech is a relatively new brand







Georgia Work BootGeorgia Boot Men’s Loggers G7313 Work Boot

Georgia Work Boots has been designing and making quality boots since 1937 and has over the years, built a solid reputation in the industry. They have made it their goal to provide loggers, hunters as well as farmers what they need to get the job done in the most difficult conditions.

The G7313 is a good example of what Georgia is all about. It is constructed from authentic American leather for durability. The special logger out sole is a much appreciated feature since it is abrasion resistant and designed to last through the worst working conditions.

The boot also features superior traction, allowing you to walk comfortably on uneven terrain. The certified steel toe means that you will be safe at work. It is built using Goodyear welt construction so you know it will serve you for years to come.

The steel shank provides additional support to the It is hard not to fall in love with this boot especially if you combine its superior features with the stud hooks and eyelets on steel washers.

The best thing about the G7313 logger boot is that it is incredibly comfortable. It makes one feel protected and well supported. This boot is one of the best options on the market as it is built to last.


• Standard leather body

• Available in two colors

• Durable construction

• Abrasion resistant outsole


• Very unpopular on the market



Mens Carolina Steel Toe Logger BootsMen’s Carolina 8-Inch 600-Grams Thinsulate Insulated Steel Toe Logger Boots Copper

When it comes to producing the best logger boots, Carolina always aims at the best. This particular model is a testimony that they really push the bar in matters of design. It is the best insulated logger boot in the roundup, has unstoppable traction, provides great comfort and comes at an affordable price.


Perhaps the best thing about the Carolina Men’s 8-Inch is that it is packed with 600 grams of Thinsulate TM Insulation, thus allowing your feet to remain dry and comfortable when working in harsh environments.

They are constructed using leather lined welt, hence 100% waterproof. You won’t find better waterproof boot on the market.

The extra long shaft allows you to keep doing your throughout the day without having to worry about your feet getting wet. The thick sole is made from durable, anti-slip rubber to prevent tripping on slippery ground.


• Thick, anti-slip rubber sole

• Comes at a great price

• Durable construction with leather lined welt

• Looks pretty good


• It’s only available in one size







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