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Toxic houseplants

The following is a listing of common house plants of which all or part of the plant may be toxic to humans or animals. There are many outdoor species of plants, not listed here, that are also poisonous. If you are not sure about the safety of a particular plant, regard it as dangerous, until you learn otherwise!

If you suspect that a part of one of these plants has been eaten,
contact your local poison center,

Remember, the chemicals and poisons which you use to grow your plants may also be toxic, and as such, please regard these plants as "unsafe."

Amaryllis Crown of thorns Mistletoe
Arrowhead vine Daffodil Asparagus fern
Pothos Dieffenbachia Philodendrons
Azalea Elephant Ear Caladium Pot mum
Bird of paradise Emerald duke Red princess
Boston ivy English holly Schefflera
Marble queen Chrysanthemums Caladium
Iris Christmas rose Ivy
Spider plants Sprengeri fern Chrysanthemum
Lily of the valley Jerusalem cherry Creeping Charlie
Tulip   Creeping fig

For a more complete indexing of toxic house, garden and wild plants
I recommend you visit the U.S. Army's



Plants That Filter The Air You Breathe
Toxin Plants That Filter It Out
Benzene English ivy, Dracaena marginata, gerbera daisy, chrysanthemum, and peace lily
Formaldehyde Spider plant, bamboo palm, philodendron, and mother-in-law's tongue
Trichloroethylene Chrysanthemum, gerbera daisy, peace lily, and Dracaena deremensis


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