Pentagram vs. Pentacle



The Pentagram

Like a Christian cross, the pentagram tends to be THE religious symbol of the Pagan religions. It encompasses our elemental beliefs and is one of the strongest protective amulets ever "designed".

The Pentagram dates back thousands of years to pre-Babylonian Summer ... roughly about 3500 BC. Many religions have once used this symbol ... the Jewish people saw it as a symbol of the Five Books of Moses, and Christians once used it as a protective amulet. It has been called such things as the Druid's Foot and the Witches' Star.

Each point of the Pentagram traditionally represents one of the five metaphysical elements of the ancients. The topmost point represents Spirit, The upper left point represents Air, the upper right point represents Water, the lower left point represents Earth, and the lower right point represents Fire. In this fashion, the pentagram represents Spirit ruling over the four elements.

The Pentacle

The Pentacle is simply a pentagram with a circle around it. This symbolizes eternity, totality, and unity. It emphasizes the interconnectivity of all of the elements. The direct and indirect relation of one element to the other.

It would seem as though the Pentacle is gaining a new meaning in Modern-day Paganism ... in that it is seen as a unifying symbol of the Pagan community. In modern day Witch Craft, the Pentacle tends to be used more than the pentagram.

Air (East): Intellect, Imagination, Knowledge

Earth (North): The Body, Foundation, Strength

Fire (South): Will, Vitality, Passion

Water (West): Emotion, Intuition, Compassion





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