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Crystals come in every size, shape and color. Many are multi-colored.

Their matrixes follow the patterning of Sacred Geometry

All crystal and gemstones are living organisms. Crystals have a life energy of their own . . .they are alive and usually grow in clusters. They are part of the Mineral Kingdom Most are grown in nature. Some that are synthetically produced.

All crystals 'vibrate' on their own individual frequency. The frequency they send out will determine which crystal you will chose at a certain point in your life. You do chose different crystals as your needs change.

Many crystals are as old as our planet and record the history of the planet.

Some crystals supposedly come here from off of the planet - such moldavite or other celestial crystals.


Singly terminated crystals have a point at one end.

Double terminated crystals have points at both ends.

Some crystals come to you with holographic images in them.

Sometimes they develop images, to get smoky after you have worked with them.

These are projections from your mind into the crystal.

Most crystals change during the years they are with you.

Some people can hold a crystal and 'receive' telepathic messages from it. This is called scrying.

Some crystals are more like rocks or stones. They are usually polished (called tumbled) and come in a variety of sizes.

Crystals balance or amplify energy fields. They are used in communication devices.

You can place crystals in water for 24 hours then drink the water.





When you chose a crystal - it will seem to 'call' to you as if it has been waiting for you.

This is because you and that crystal are on the same frequency.

The crystal will 'catch your eye' and you will feel an immediate connection, even if it is not the crystal you came for. When you hold the crystal in your hand, you will feel a connection of frequency.

Some people find crystals. Some people 'feel' that crystals find them.

Once you have your crystal - the next step is to clean and clear the energies from it. You clear it to clean frequencies in it that are not in balance for with you.

Quartz crystals and gemstones easily attract all kinds of 'vibrations'; negative as well as positive. The stones are always 'open' to receiving impressions from everyone and everything around them! Your stone, which you have just selected, may well have traveled many thousands of miles before coming to you - and may well have acquired many negative energies and ' vibrations' before it became yours.

Therefore before starting to use your stone for any purpose whatsoever it is very important that you first remove any of these unwanted 'vibrations' and disharmonious energies. You must do everything you possibly can to ensure that only the most natural - and purest - energies remain within your stone.





The method you use is always a matter of personal choice. Approach the crystal as if it is a living entity.

Most people wash their crystals in water or soak them for several hours in sea salt mixed in water.

The method I use is liquid soap - such as "Soft Soap".  I rinse my crystals - apply a bit of soap - rinse them gently again - then place them on a soft cloth to dry.

Next I place them in sunlight to energize them.

Moonlight will do the same thing especially during a Full Moon.

Once my crystal is clean and clear - I hold it in my hand and the crystal and I begin a discussion.

The crystal usually tells me where it wants to be in my home and what its purpose is at that time. This can vary after a period of time when crystal tell you that they want to be placed somewhere else in the home.

Talking to crystals telepathically is called Scrying.




Hold the cleansed crystal in your hand (right or left) and send it a telepathic message. The energy of your thoughts will be incorporated into the crystal.

Meditating with your crystal:

Crystals can enhance the energies of your meditation.

You can hold the crystal, wear it, place it on a specific chakra (if it is small enough), or combine it with other crystals you are using.

Decorative Uses of Crystals: Jewelry Slices of crystals can be used as book ends. Large clusters placed in a room balance energies but also look beautiful, especially large amethyst clusters.



History records the use of crystals as both functional and ornamental.

The Gods of ancient myth wore them in their breastplates. Priests of many societies and brotherhoods, as keepers and preservers of lost prehistoric wisdom, often wore bejeweled amulets and plates, which acted as "oracles" and "voice pieces" from which advice was obtained. The Urim and Thummim stones of the Hebrew high priests were a prime example

The Atlanteans used crystals for healing - communication - weather control - as record keepers - among other things.

Tibetans used them to produce light.

Mayans, among others, used crystals in their statues. John L. Stephens in his classic work on the Mayan civilization, Incidents of Travel in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatan, tells how in one small Mayan temple he discovered 'a pedestal formed of a shining substance resembling glass' around which he was told the ancient priests gathered and consulted pictures created in the 'black, transparent stone.' He wrote, 'A native informed me that their ancestors had known the gift of the vision stone, when his people were instructed in the arts of civilization.'

In Peru, Spanish chroniclers recorded that when they invaded the Incan Empire and captured the King, the Queen and priests immediately fled to the Temple of the Sun in Cuzco, where they communicated with other regents of the land, and decided what was to be done, by gazing into the 'black mirror' situated at the Temple's center.

Significantly, the Incan Temple of the Sun, and the pyramid complexes of the Mayas, were all located on Earth energy lines. There is thus reason to believe that the Ancients possessed the ability of transmitting images along these lines, and crystal lenses or screens were used at specific centers to transform the images into pictures, much like a modern television set.

When we examine what modern research is uncovering regarding the full spectrum of the properties of crystals, and compare this with the Ancient knowledge, we discover we are touching upon only the very beginnings of a vast forgotten technology.

Crystals, at their simplest functional level, can store light and discharge it, or convert sunlight directly into electricity. A step beyond, the crystalline form can also store information in vast quantities. A cut sliver of crystal can pick up a specified vibratory pattern; the silver can then be 'frozen' and subsequently 'unfrozen' later to playback the pattern.

A complex sandwich of liquid crystal layers and mirrors act as light valves to create closed loops of light and moonlight signals, which correspond to a two alphabet system of information storage. By such means, information can be stored with a density of 2,500-fold over that of conventional electrical-digital computers. The first working model of the light and crystal computer is scheduled to be operational within a very short time. But one wonders if someone else, long ago, developed such a system before us. Could there be banks and libraries of knowledge stored in the crystals of standing stones, stone circles and other monuments around the world, just waiting, silently, for modern man to tap into them and learn the wisdom hidden within?

Not only knowledge, but the actual consciousness and emotional energies of psychic individuals from past ages may still reside in many ancient crystal forms. Several researchers have used crystals to capture the life force, or the vibratory pattern of a person at death.

Other experiments being conducted are said to have successfully captured a human thought within a crystal and retransmitted it back as an image. Author George Hunt Williamson, who believes that crystals played a significant role in past civilizations, expressed his opinion that crystals can think, and many standing stones have an 'intelligence within them". Masses of crystal flakes encased in a single stone may act as individual neurons passing along information from one flake to another and organize it, like a large crystal brain.

Certain individual crystals, in particular diamonds and other precious stones, can hold conscious emotional energies from a bygone era, which may be triggered from time to time, affecting their owners.

The best classic case of this is the famous Hope Diamond, and the mysterious curse attached to it. The Hope was originally part of a much larger gem called the Great Blue, later the French Blue, stolen from the temple of Rama site in India by Frenchman Jean Baptiste Tavernier in 1668. In revenge, the priests of the temple, along with the Mogul Emperor Aurangzeb, held a special rite and infused the gem with a negative consciousness or emotional pattern. Since that time, every owner of the gem, or even those who have handled it, have been subject to misfortune, tragedy or violent death. Even after the original Great Blue was cut into pieces, the Hope remaining as the largest, the curse has followed every piece, even to the present.

Interestingly, tests have shown that the Hope Diamond and its sister stones are the only blue diamonds in the world which glow like red-hot coals when exposed to ultraviolet light, and can conduct an inordinate amount of electricity.

Cursed gems are the exception to the rule, however, for in most respects, gems and crystals are generally looked upon favorably, having properties for good luck, for healing, and in aiding in psychic abilities. The positive magical quality of crystals impressed themselves upon humankind far back in antiquity, for we find among Neanderthal remains dating back to 70,000 B.C. collections of quartz stones and stone balls made of quartz crystals. Pieces of crystal have also been found in megalithic cairns, and at New Grange in southern Ireland, tiny pebbles of white granite quartz cover the entire mound above the energy-chamber.

The Druids called certain colored crystal forms ovus anguinum or glein neidr - 'serpent eggs' - who believed were created by etheric serpents of energy beneath the earth and conjugated together at the time of the midsummer sunrise. Such stones, worn about the neck, had the power of projecting one's auric field to favorably influence the aura and mind of anyone else who came within range.

Similarly, they understood that wearing crystals over certain acupuncture points of the body aided in the healthy flow of physical and psychic energies. The Emperor Tsin Shi, who reigned from 259-210 B.C., is said to have possessed at his palace at Hein-Yang in Shensi a mirror-like stone of crystal which 'illuminated the bones of the body' when a person stepped behind it. It was rectangular in shape, measuring four feet by five feet nine inches, and glowed on both sides. The placing of the hand over the heart somehow activated the stone, whereby the patient's inner parts were clearly portrayed, and diagnosis of illness could be obtained.

Two hundred and fifty years earlier, the Hindu sage Jivaka also had a large 'jewel' which 'illuminated the body like a lamp lights up a house,' and from which nothing within could be hidden by any intervening obstacle. In like fashion, the medicine men of the Hopi Indians of the American Southwest use crystals to observe the energy centers of the body, and can tell when physical currents are impeded, causing ill health. These crystals, too, have the power, when concentrated upon, to be energizers in influencing events, including forestalling bad weather.

On the Isle of Skye near Ireland, is a chapel dedicated to St. Columbus, and on the altar is a round crystalline blue stone held sacred to weather and health. Local fishermen, to appease contrary winds, bathe this stone with water and claim good results. The stone has also been applied to peoples' sides to relieve cramps.

Among the Australian aborigines of north Queensland on the Prosperine River, quarts crystals are used by the shamans to cause rain to fall. At other times, in special initiation ceremonies the aboriginal shamans are sprinkled with quartz beads mixed with water, and are thus able to see and speak briefly with spirit beings, exercise telepathy, and cure maladies.

The Ancients appear to have possessed sophisticated methods of growing and shaping crystals, in order to produce gems with specific magical properties. There are three major axis of crystal growth which can develop into any one of seven geometric systems, with lattices and facets in different ratios, producing 230 groups and variations, each one specializing in organizing, redirecting, separating, concentrating or converting applied energies.

In gem cutting, odd number facets aid in healing, while even number facets create the best energizers. In color, red, yellow, and orange stones produce energy; clear and aquamarine stones are healers; and lavender and blue-violet stones create tranquil, relaxing effects.

In crystal growth, combinations of light intensity, light color, electric current, sound, the direction of these, plus the shape and size (frequency pattern) of the container or room, will all affect the final characteristics and energy potentials of a desired stone. Recent experiments, for example, have shown that crystals grow five times faster when their supersaturated solution is subjected to frequencies of 10 to 100 cycles a second.

Manly P. Hall and other students of esoteric wisdom have also noted that many ancient crystals were produced by 'zodiacal formulae' grown at specific times, when the sun, moon and planets were in special heavenly positions. During the growth process, crystals are also highly susceptible to consciousness imprinting, whereby the meditations, through-patterns, healing energy or bioelectric field identity of the grower may be enjoined within the crystalline structure and memory.

Writer and researcher A.H. Fry tells of his experience with a woman who produced a special copper alloy by alchemically subjecting the ore to solutions of carbon and electric current, and then grew a crystal from the results. The crystal, Fry reported, possessed electrical resistance factors quite different from ordinary copper, and seemed to have tiny microscopic 'wires' embedded within it. When he attached an electrometer to the crystal, he was surprised to find it was also alive; it produced a pattern similar to that of a living plant, and reacted to outside physical and mental disturbances in the same way as Cleve Backster's experiments using a polygraph.

Fry, commenting on the Ancients' use of crystals in general, stated: "Legends occasionally mention crystals that could render invisibility (such as the one Apollonius of Tyana used before the Roman Emperor) and even cause weightlessness. They even used crystals to discover how to enter and escape time by negotiating a ninety degree angle phase shift. Was it all in the size and shape? Or did it involve mental forces and special 'live' qualities within the crystal?'

Fry also made this interesting observation, which relates the use of crystals to the Crystal of the Earth itself, and to ourselves, whose bodies are also made of crystalline forms: 'It is a literal fact that most of our planet is made up of crystals of specific shapes. The present energy problems will be a thing of the past when we start using the wondrous potential of these shapes. Even the food we eat must be converted to tiny crystalline shapes before it can pass through the tissue walls. The ancient Central American word for blood was chalchuihatl, and it literally meant, 'water of precious stones'.





Sun: Garnet

Vulcan: Malachite

Venus: Lapis, Pearl, Turquoise

Moon: Pearl, Turquoise

Mars: Amethyst, Garnet

Jupiter: Amethyst

Saturn: Garnet, Jade

Neptune: Jade, Malachite, Pearl

Uranus: Amethyst, Lapis, Malachite, Quartz

Pluto: Amethyst, Garnet, Malachite, Quartz


Minerals and their properties.

Minerals have been close to humans for as long as man has walked the earth and gazed with wonder at their natural beauty and mystery. There are thousands of types of minerals, each with it's own unique color patterns, shapes, energetic properties, and metaphysical properties.

This is a list of minerals and their properties. You will find the minerals name, it's metaphysical properties, and a brief description of the minerals color and shape. This list is never complete, and will be updated constantly.

ACTINOLITE This mineral is an immensely important tool. It is a phenomenal shielding device and expands the energy bodies. The expansion of the energy bodies provides for a connection to the "Light"- "All That Is". This stone is cloudy gray with greenish black shafts.

AMAZONITE This mineral provides for balancing and aligning the physical with the ethereal bodies. It is a stone of balance, balancing the male/female energies. It soothes nerves and dispels both irritating and negative energy. It helps to rejuvenate the heart centers and the throat chakra areas.
This stone is turquoise in color with white/gray stripes occasionally.

AMBER Amber is the fossilized resin of coniferous trees. This mineral is used for allowing the body to heal itself, absorbing and transmuting negative energy into positive energy. It is used to open and cleanse all chakras. It is said to be a stone of good luck. It was burned as incense to clear negativity. It purifies the area in which it is placed and is excellent for use in rooms where re-birthing is done. It's properties bring wisdom, balance, and patience. It self-heals drawing disease from the body, lessens stress, negativity, and depression. Aids memory and decision making.
This stone is amber in color and is clear or cloudy.

AMETHYST This mineral provides for good spiritual cleansing and development, helping the mind to calm and dwell on higher thoughts. Used also extensively for healing in the healing arts. It is also known for protection from psychic attacks, an excellent stone for activating the crown chakra.

CHEVRON AMETHYST This mineral provides for good spiritual cleansing and development, helping the mind to calm and dwell on higher thoughts. Used also extensively for healing in the healing arts. It is also known for protection from psychic attacks, an excellent stone for activating the crown chakra.
This stone is purple in color with white stripes.

GUIERRO AMETHYST (smokey) This mineral provides for good spiritual cleansing and development, helping the mind to calm and dwell on higher thoughts. Used also extensively for healing in the healing arts. It is also known for protection from psychic attacks, an excellent stone for activating the crown chakra, and clearing negativity from all the chakras. Excellent for Astral travelling protection.
This stone is grayish purple in color.

AMETHYST HERKERMER This mineral provides for good spiritual cleansing and development, helping the mind to calm and dwell on higher thoughts. Used for healing and is also known for protection from psychic attacks, an excellent stone for activating the crown chakra. This can also help to attune one to the higher realms, and is conductive to opening the channels to telepathy.
This stone is light purple in color.

AMETRINE This mineral is a mixing of citrine and amethyst. It helps clear one's thoughts and brings a universal equilibrium. This stone is a powerful healing stone, which absorbs and disperses negativity from the aura and never has to be cleansed. Ametrine works quickly in all areas of clearing and raises the citrine's properties of clearing away blockages and healing.
This stone is golden yellow, purple and usually clear.

ANGELITE This mineral is an excellent balancing agent, aligning the physical with the ethereal network. It provides a protective fields around the environment which it is placed. It is a sender and receiver of telepathic signals. It dispels anger and negativity, helps induce the re-birthing process, and facilitates healing.
This stone is Light to sky blue in color.

APACHE TEARS This mineral is said to be excellent for sharpening external and internal vision and used for vision quests. It is also known for use in protection from psychic attacks, and is excellent for dispelling negativity. It is also used for comfort in times of grief it helps you to understand and helps provide insight and acceptance.
This stone is clear/black in color.

This mineral has been used to create a conscious connection between the physical form and the spiritual realm. It has been used to facilitate Astral Travel and allows one to see into the future. It also can be used to stimulate and enhance one's intuitive visions. Can be used as a "Star Gate" to transverse universes.
This stone is clear to white to pink and green in color.

AQUAMARINE This mineral is known as the stone of courage. It enhances one's ability for rapid intellectual response. It accelerates the intellectual processes. It provides a shielding property to the Aura and subtle bodies. It helps one to attune to more spiritual levels of awareness.
This stone is light blue in color.

BLUE LACE AGATE This mineral is excellent for stimulating the crown chakra, 3rd eye and energizing the auric body. It can be used to stimulate the exploration of the unknown and to further ones quest toward the enlightened state. It also allows one to look toward the solution rather than the problem.
This mineral is blue exhibiting white circular or oval patterns.

BLACK ONYX This mineral is excellent for protection and for providing a grounding energy field around the user. It enhances decision making by letting the holder see both sides of the story leading to happiness and good fortune. It is useful for the removal of negative energy.
This stone is black in color.

BLOODSTONE This mineral is excellent as a healing stone and is called the stone of courage. It can be used to awaken the base, navel, sacral and heart chakras. It is also centering and grounding for the heart chakra. It provides a revitalization of love, relationships and friendships.
This crystal is mostly green with tiny spots of red that look like blood.

BLUE APATITE This mineral is excellent for powerfully affecting the throat chakra, clearing obstructions to greater self-expression and receptivity. It can further the connection with UFO's and can provide access to past life insights and telepathy. Also used, as its name sounds, to curbing the appetite, excellent dieter's stone.
This stone is light to dark blue in color.

AVENTURINE Aventurine is said to bring luck and adventures in love and games. It makes an individual independent and original. It has a binding and healing force, and is good for skin diseases and improving the complexion. At one time it was used to cure nearsightedness. It is helpful for the etheric, emotional and mental bodies. Aventurine has strong healing energies, and affects the pituitary gland. It can be used for creative visualization, higher-self attunement, and is good for the muscle and nervous system. Aventurine is a good stone for artists, writers and all those of a creative nature. It brings prosperity; the green vibrations attract money.

BLUE CALCITE This mineral is excellent for amplifying the energy from the throat chakra. It is a great stone for students as it helps sharpen learning and retention of lessons learned. It enhances decision making by letting the holder see more clearly into situations leading to happiness and good fortune.
This stone is blue in color.

BLUE MOONSTONE This mineral is excellent for helping you to go with the flow, supporting, yet, promoting growth. Used for protection while traveling it is known as a "Travelers" stone. It is a stone that cleanses negativity from the chakras. It is also a "good luck" stone and is also helpful for fertility.
This mineral is opaque white with blue flames.

BOJI STONES This mineral is excellent for aligning all of the subtle bodies and both balances and aligns the chakras. It is useful for the removal of energy blockages, while cleaning and charging the aura. Also used to align the yin/yang energy within ones physical body. It is an excellent grounding stone.
This stone is rust/brown in color and round in shape, some are smooth (females), some are bumpy (males).

BOTSWANA AGATE This mineral is excellent for stimulating the crown chakra, and energizing the auric body. It can be used to stimulate the exploration of the unknown and to further ones quest toward the enlightened state. It also allows one to look toward the solution rather than the problem.
This mineral is gray and pink, exhibiting white circular or oval patterns.

BOULANGERITE This crystal brings patience, perseverance, composure and stamina. It helps one to find things that were lost. It helps to awaken the inner sense of well being. This mineral has been used in the treatment of the immune system, to increase the amount of cells, and to assist in the assimilation of vitamins and minerals.
This crystal is grayish in color.

CLEAR CALCITE This mineral is excellent for amplifying energy. It is a great stone for students as it helps sharpen learning and retention of lessons learned. It enhances decision making by letting the holder see more clearly into situations leading to happiness and good fortune.
This stone is clear in color and mostly found in flat square pieces.

CARNELIAN This mineral is excellent for providing perceptiveness. It is a great protector against envy, fear, and rage. It also helps to get rid of feelings of sorrow leading to happiness. This stone represents the navel chakra.
This stone is opaque to clear red to orange and sometimes found with stripes running through it.

CHAROITE This mineral provides for a synthesis between the heart and crown chakras and combines the higher spiritual dimensions with unconditional love. It also provides for the transmutation of negativity and for grounding to the spiritual self. It cleanses the Auric body and instills a "brotherhood of light" feeling.
This stone is purple with gray or white.

CHRYSOCOLLA This mineral is excellent for easing emotional heartache, and gives renewed strength and balance. It produces inner strength and relieves stress. It also helps to stimulate the crown chakra to help in the alignment of the ethereal network and is excellent for meditation.
This stone is blue-green in color.

CHRYSOPHRASE This mineral is excellent for balancing the yin-yang energies and for aligning the chakras. It activates and opens the heart chakra and is excellent for deep meditation. Helps to heal a "Broken Heart". It is also good for inner strength and balance bringing a non-judgmental attitude and acceptance of others.
This stone is greenish blue in color.

CITRINE This mineral is an excellent healing stone, also known as a healers stone. This stone is a powerful healing stone, which absorbs negativity and never has to be cleansed. This stone is said to bring business if put in the cash box of a shop or money if carried on your person. Helps clear one's thoughts and allows one to feel cheerful and lighthearted.
This stone is golden yellow and clear.

COPAL This mineral can be used to activate the crown chakra, to remove energy blockages and to strengthen the meridians of the physical body. It assists one in remaining aware during meditation. It has been used for healing and for communicating with spirits.
Amber-like yellow to gold in color and very light to the touch.

DANBURITE This mineral is excellent for encouraging you to let your light shine. It is a powerful intellect activator. It also helps to bring in the element of enlightenment through love. This stone is a powerful acceleration stone, which "juices up" the energy of stones used in conjunction with it.
This stone is clear with striations running down.

DENDRITIC AGATE (tree agate) This mineral is excellent for enhancing gentleness and helps to stimulate peacefulness. A great money stone as it is a stone of plenty and helps to produce prosperity.
This stone is opaque white with green or gray plant like markings in it.

DOUBLE TERMINATED QUARTZ - DT Quartz is multi functional; energy moves from both ends concurrently. They have the capacity to draw or transmit energy in both directions. These are excellent for astral travel and for dream work. They can be used for protection and to build and maintain an energy shield. They transform negative to positive.
Clear to opaque in color with points on both sides.

ELESTIAL QUARTZ This mineral is excellent for overcoming emotional burdens, aligning the heart and intellect, and for finding within, a deep love for self and others, used also for protection from psychic attack, or negativity.
This stone is clear to black to brown crystal.

EMERALD This mineral is excellent as a stone of successful love, it is said to provide domestic bliss, sensitivity and loyalty. It can be used to enhance the memory. It is also useful for opening the heart chakra. It is also said to bring successful consequences for legal affairs
This stone is green to light green in color.

EPIDOT This mineral can provide for increases in that which we choose to be attuned with. It dispels criticalness, enhances keen perception, stimulates participation and interaction, and also stimulates personal power.
This stone is black to dark green and is light green when found with quartz.

FIRE AGATE This mineral represents the spiritual flame of absolute perfection. It is said to dispel fear from the very depths of the inner being and to provide a protective shield, which reflects all threats of harm back to the source such that the source may personally understand the act.
This stone is brownish in color with a fire-like flame to it.

FLOURITE This mineral is excellent for opening inner doors of perception, to yourself and others around you. It is known for absorbing anger and negativity holding it in until the crystal breaks. A great companion for your computer, also is very grounding.
This stone is found in green, yellow, blue, and purple or in combination with all.

GARNET (red, raspberry, green) This mineral is excellent for health, extracting negative energy from the chakras. It is a stone of commitment to purpose- to self- to others. Garnet reflects the attributes of warmth and understanding. The garnet stimulates the development and movement of the kundalini.
This stone is pink to red or green in color.

GEM SILICA This mineral is excellent for it ability to allow for the flow of messages from the physical to the etheric plane. It helps to bring calm and peacefulness to ones environment. It stimulates the heart and throat chakras and brings love.
This stone is grayish white with blue in color.

GOLDSTONE - Goldstone is the stone of "Ambition and Drive" and has a gently uplifting quality! Goldstone is manmade glass with flecks of copper suspended in it. The glass is made in a reducing furnace with copper salts added, which "smelts" the copper salts back to copper, which then crystallizes. Other coloring agents added to the glass can change the basic copper colored variety to a number of other versions, such as blue and green etc. But the glass ONLY is colored, the sparkles are still the same COPPER CRYSTALS! The metaphysical properties of copper are said to be the ability to aid the circulatory system, help strengthen bones and fight arthritis pain.

GREEN AVENTURINE This mineral is used mostly for the heart chakra to activate and clear. Excellent stone for providing a shield so people can't "tap in" and use the energy of another. It facilitates balancing and alignment of the intellectual, emotional, physical and auric bodies. It enhances leadership qualities.
This stone is light to dark green in color.

HARLEQUIN QUARTZ This crystal is powerful. It can be used to traverse the spaces between the spiritual and physical worlds. It balances the polarity in the body, and is a stimulator of the heart chakra. It provides physical vitality to the body. It stimulates the alignment of the physical and ethereal nervous system.
This mineral is clear to opaque and had red spots and /or red strings.

HEMATITE This mineral is excellent for calming and relaxing and for reducing emotional upset. It aides in sleep and is known to transform negativity. This stone is also known for its grounding and protection qualities. Good for freeing up your mind to be able to think clearly. Also good for relieving headaches.
This stone is silver metallic and heavy.

HERKIMER DIAMOND This mineral is a naturally faceted mineral which provides an energy for a delicate harmony, enhancing awareness. The energy of the herkImer diamond helps one to begin again in this lifetime. It also is known as a stone of "Attunement", in addition it stimulates clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities and assists in telepathic communication.
Clear and faceted like a diamond.

HESSONITE This mineral is excellent for health, extracting negative energy from the chakras. It reflects the attributes of warmth and understanding. It helps eliminate feelings of inferiority. It helps to activate the intellectual qualities in the holder.
This stone is pink to orange to gold in color.

HIDDENITE This mineral is excellent for stimulating the intellect and the loving side of ones nature in order to bring fourth the unknown. It prompts the connection with the other worlds and provides for the transfer of knowledge.
This stone is green to clear in color.

HOWLITE This mineral provides for calm communication, awareness and encourages emotional expression. It combines the power of reasoning with observation and patience. This mineral dispels selfishness, criticalness, and facetiousness. Howlite can be used to relieve stress, pain and rage.
This mineral is white with gray stripes.

IOLITE This mineral is one of the major stones for use in the 3rd eye/crown chakras during healing, meditations, and during astral travel. It is useful for stimulation of visions and is an important "Shamans" stone, and is considered strong medicine.
This crystal is indigo-violet to deep blue in color.This stone is metallic silver with gold or red or blue blotches.

JADE Jade is the prince of peace and tranquillity. It acts quietly as a consciousness raiser of human development. It dispels negativity by the constant emission of soothing and cleaning vibrations. It is said that jade is not from the Earth, but is a mutation from a planet outside this solar system. Jade can never harm anyone wearing it, for it does not absorb negative attributes of any nature. It is said to prolong life, protect one from accidents, and quiet inner restlessness.
Jade is a soothing green color. It is an avocado green gem, with darker mottled flecks of green in it.

JADEITE This mineral is known as the stone of magic. It can also bring forth the abilities to unite and improve dysfunctional relationships. It enhances expressiveness, intelligence and perception. It assists one in attaining the royal realm. It also assists in the removal of pain.
This stone is light to dark green in color.

JASPER (red & yellow) This mineral is excellent for protection and is known as a "Shamans" stone that transforms negativity. This stone is also known for its ability to balance the yin-yang energies and is a safe facilitator for astral traveling.
This stone is orange-red and/or yellow in color.

PICTURE JASPER - This is a great stone for those who are in business, as it is excellent for all pursuits leading to an increase in personal holdings. BIt is usually beige with brown highlights.

JET This mineral is fossilized wood. It can protect the wearer against illness and violence. It is a calming agent, providing the diminishment of depression. This is the stone the witches use for protection from negative spells against them.
This stone is black and lightweight.

KORNERUPINE This mineral is excellent for promoting understanding of the sacredness of life. It assists one in seeing beyond the normal illusions of this world. It serves to both stabilize and calm the emotions and to bring refinement to ones character.
This stone is green.

KYANITE This mineral is excellent. This is one of 2 minerals that never need cleansing or clearing. This stone automatically balances the Chakras without any effort. It brings tranquillity and a calming effect to the whole being. It also stimulates psychic awareness on all levels, dispels anger, and helps with recall of dreams. Kyanite can be useful for remembering past-lives.
This stone can be blue, green or black all with striations.

LAPIS LAZULI This mineral is known for being a symbol of power and royalty since ancient times. It is also known for its ability as a mental and spiritual cleanser and opener of the 3rd eye. Draws the mind inward to its own source of power.
This stone is light blue to azure with specks of pyrite in the matrix.

LASER CRYSTALS Laser crystals establish a finer communication with other worlds, the crystal world, and the inner world of the self. These crystals radiate a lovely energy and have been recognized as a continuous source of white light. When holding a laser wand, the energy tends to surround the body, providing a protective barrier.

LAVENDER QUARTZ This mineral is said to be excellent for stimulation of the third eye up to the crown chakras, and also promotes clairaudience and clairvoyance. It is a very loving stone and is an asset to your environment. This stone also has all of the qualities of Rose Quartz.
This stone is clear to opaque pink/purple in color.

LEMURIAN SEED CRYSTAL Lemurians are said to have been placed here by the original space beings who inhabited Lemuria.
These crystals have a warm feeling to them. It is believed that they were programmed to transmit frequencies to other crystals that were forming in the earth, and offer a connection to the many sacred places located upon and under the earth's surface. They create a holographic connection between the inner earth and the earth's surface. Only one Lemurian Seed Crystal is required to connect holographically to all the other seed crystals. This energetic connection forms a magnetic grid around the earth which links us to the inner and outer worlds.
Lemurian seed crystals, once thought to originate from only the Joaquim Felicio region of Minas Gerias, Brazil, are now found in Diamatina and Corinto too. Triangular faces sitting atop sides with pronounced horizontal striations are characteristic of these crystals.
They are clear quartz crystals, but have a dull look rather than a sheen. Some of them exhibit a pink hue.

LEPIDICHROCITE-SUPER 7 This mineral brings grounding with intellectual stimulation, it acts to promote realization that one's strength occurs through both spiritual avenues and through love. This mineral is a bridge between consciousness and matter, which bring practicality to and powers of manifestation It is useful for Reiki treatments to promote the transfer of energy. Opens communication with Angels.
This stone is clear with gold and purple threads. gy. Opens communication with Angels.

LIMONITE This mineral assists toward stability and comfort. It provides for strength and virility. This mineral also provides for protection against negative thoughtforms and psychic attack. It also furthers accuracy in the intuitive process.
This stone is rusty and iron-like.

LODESTONE/MAGNETITE This mineral can be used for dispelling grief, fear, anger and attachments. It helps one to attain a deep meditative state. Also is excellent when used for grounding and protection.
This mineral is rusty-metallic and magnetic.

MALACHITE This mineral is excellent for bringing money to the holder of this stone. It is one of the oldest known healing stones as it draws out very powerfully on all levels. It is also used for healing the heart of negative relationship attachments.
This mineral is forest green with darker green stripes running through it.

METEORITE/TEKTITE This mineral is excellent for meditation, it can assist one in connecting with extraterrestrials or past life associations. It represses undesirable experiences and enhances impressions of memorable experiences. It does not allow one to forget lessons learned. Carrying a tektite acts to strengthen ones energy field. This stone as its name denotes is from outer space.
This mineral is black with moon-like pock marks.

MOONSTONE This mineral is excellent for protection while traveling it is known as the "Travelers"stone. It is a stone of the feminine, the goddess and brings balance and nurturing energy to the holder. It is also helpful for fertility, and brings new beginnings, calmness and comfort to couples.
This mineral is opaque white to green to orange.

MORGANITE This mineral is an excellent for heart stone, which facilitates opening and release of pent up emotion, cleansing the heart and preparing it to attract and sustain love in one's life.
This mineral is clear and pink in color.

NEBULA STONE - Scientifically known as a unusual alkalis volcanic rock composed of the four minerals: quartz, anorthoclase, nebeckite, and aegirine. A black stone dotted with bright green patches. Offers unique and powerful energies. Strongly grounded. Activates rememberence of Light within cells. Draws light into the body. Expands consciousness and awakening. Reveals the connection between ourselves and the stone from deep within our planet to the distant nebulae that are the birth of new star systems and the beginning of light. Rebirth, renewal, and spiritual reincarnation. It harmonizes ones energies ans enhances ones awareness of being an integral part of the entire cosmos.

OBSIDIAN (black & snowflake) This mineral is said to sharpen external and internal vision, and is known to be excellent for dispelling negativity and is used for protection from psychic attack and other negativity.
This mineral is black/or with white snowflakes.

ONYX is a type of chalcedony which occurs usually, in the form of layers of a variety of colours. The predominant colours include black, black and white, red and white, orange-brown/honey and white, etc. It is often carved to produce cameos.
This mineral is an excellent stone for initiating the modes of centering and alignment of the total person with the higher powers. It can be used banish grief, to enhance self-control, to stimulate the power of wise decision making, and to encourage happiness and good fortune. It helps one to absorb, from the universe, those energies which are needed. It also furthers the quality of sentience of the instincts helping one to both see and feel the guidance.
Onyx can also help one to see the duality of ones nature and to synthesize the yin and yang into the whole. It can be used to provide glimpses of that which lies " beyond", while providing for activation of the memory with respect to ones "roots" and reality. It further helps one to follow the path alone, promoting the recognition of personal strengths and assisting one in the understanding of the reality of the moment. It helps one to become the master of ones own future. It has been used in the treatment of disorders related to bone marrow, to the soft tissue structures, and to the feet.

PECOS DIAMOND (double terminated) This mineral stabilizes emotions, brings joy,stimulates the interaction between intuition and creativity, enhances desire, promotes personal growth, stabilizes the emotions and increases sexuality. It also aids in coping with highly explosive life changes and assists in the process of acceptance, transition, and the attainment of further wisdom..
This mineral is an opaque form of rock quartz crystal and can be white, pink, brown or a variety of colors as influenced by its surroundings.

PERIDOT This mineral is excellent for healing. Also this mineral emits a friendly energy, it can be used to cleanse the heart and solar plexus chakras. It provides a shield of protection around the body.
This mineral is translucent green in color.

PETRIFIED WOOD This mineral provides for strength in all areas in ones life, and is a stone for grounding. It provides for access and information concerning past-lives, this action is furthered with meditation with this stone.
Wood grained and stripped and found in a variety of colors from brown to red.

PIETERSITE/TEMPESTSTONE This mineral is excellent for it assists one in remaining open to experience. It further allows one to see beyond the horizon or mirage, bringing courage,tenacity and effort to create and maintain and keep what is rightfully yours against all odds.
This mineral is blue, brown, dark green, or black and has characteristic storms (shetoyance) in it.

PINK MAGNESIUM CALCITE This mineral is used as an energy amplifier, which helps the mind and body remember information brought to bear during astral travel. Excellent for channeling. Its multi-directional energy distribution separates energy and doubles the intensity. Excellent for studying. It clears and activates the heart chakra.
This stone is pink with white lines running through it.

POLISHED CITRINE This mineral is an excellent money stone, also known as a shopkeepers stone, this stone is said to bring business if put in the cashbox of a shop or money if carried on your person. Helps clear one's thoughts and allows one to feel cheerful and lighthearted. This stone is a powerful healing stone, which absorbs negativity and never has to be cleansed.
This stone is golden yellow to brown and also clear.

PYRITE This mineral provides for balancing and equalizing. It helps to match frequencies with others from higher or lower vibrational levels. Grounding stone. Called fools gold. Also can be used for protection.
This stone is gold in color and looks like gold.

QUARTZ LASER POINT (clear) This is among the most common of crystals, and it is among the most powerful and versatile. This mineral is excellent for amplification, storage, focusing, transfer, and transformation of energy. It can be used to clear, heal, to attract, and to protect. Excellent for 3rd eye.
This mineral is clear and glass-like to opaque white in color.

QUARTZ (clear) This is among the most common of crystals, and it is among the most powerful and versatile. This mineral is excellent for amplification, storage, focusing, transfer, and transformation of energy. It can be used to clear, heal, to attract, and to protect. Excellent for 3rd eye.
This mineral is clear and glass-like to opaque white in color.

RASPBERRY QUARTZ This mineral can be used to synthesize the 7 major chakras, bringing attunement to the higher realms and assisting in clearing and activating these chakras. This mineral is excellent for use in the disorders to the energy system. It can be used to clear and to heal. Excellent for 3rd eye and crown chakras.
This mineral has a raspberry tinge due to the inclusion of Amethyst, Geothite and Lepidicrocite.

RED QUARTZ This is among the most powerful and versatile of crystals. It aides in positive action, and produces an abundance of physical energy, vitality and is excellent for amplification, storage, focusing, transfer, and transformation of energy. It can be used to clear, to heal, to attract, and to protect. Excellent for all chakras.
This mineral is red to orange color.

RHODOCHROCITE This mineral is excellent for and is known as the stone of love and balance. This mineral helps us to integrate love and sexuality, uniting the 2nd and 4th chakras. Helps one to find unconditional love.
This mineral is pink with white and darker pink circles.

RHODONITE This mineral can balance the yin-yang energy, synthesize the qualities of attunement with the spirituality of the universe. It can help one to attain calm and dispels anxiety. It also has been called the stone of love. It activates and energizes the heart chakra., also excellent for stimulation, clearing and activation of the heart chakra. Also used to facilitate removal of blockages.
This mineral is pink with black spots.

SMOKEY QUARTZ Smokey quartz is the brown variety of quartz. Colors run from light grey or brown to dark brown or black. The characteristic smokiness of smokey quartz is caused when quartz is exposed to very low levels of natural radiation from surrounding rocks or radioactive elements over a very long period of time. Smokey quartz is a protective crystal that can help cut through superfluous information to get straight to the point. It can help you to remain focussed in times of stress or difficulty and can help during meditation or ceremony to be aware of the more subtle energies while remaining grounded. It can help to release old hurt, anger and depression and is a useful companion when making hard decisions.

SNOW QUARTZ Snow quartz is a delicate, translucent white form of quartz. It is a member of the chalcedony family, and is made of silica. It is a cryptocrystalline quartz and is found in Brazil, U.S. and Mexico. Snow quartz helps us to have a focus of purity in ourselves. It helps for clarity of mind, and activates the crown chakra. It shows us our personal identification with the Infinite, the oneness with God. It represents peace and wisdom. It is a stone that has the power to act as an insulator for all things. It can stop negative vibrations and maintain positive vibrations. Snow quartz can help develop psychic abilities. It causes the intellect to become more spiritual and helps one to have a love of truth.

ROSE QUARTZ This mineral is excellent for facilitating emotional clearing and healing. It helps a person to be more receptive to beauty and to feel loved. A lovers stone and is known as the stone of love and balance. Helps one to find unconditional love, and to heal matters of the heart. Great Heart Chakra stone.
This mineral is pink in color.

RUBY This mineral is excellent for stimulating the heart chakra, bringing spiritual wisdom, knowledge and wealth. It is an excellent shielding stone protecting on all levels. It is said that if you have a ruby, that wealth will not leave you.
This mineral is pink to purple to red in color.

RUTILATED QUARTZ The rutile in the rutilated quartz intensifies the power of the quartz crystal. In addition it affects the etheric and astral bodies, it assists in getting to the root of the problem. Also known as the problem solver crystal. This crystal adds vision to astral travel and helps to stimulate awareness of the connections that we have with the other realms.
Clear with gold, red or silver threads.

SCEPTOR QUARTZ This crystal, and it is among the most powerful and versatile, it can be used as a wand to focus energy as well as to disperse negative thought-forms. This mineral is excellent for amplification, storage, transfer, and transformation of energy. It can be used to clear, heal, to attract, and to protect. Excellent for 3rd eye.
This mineral is clear to opaque in color and has a bulbus head.

SELENITE Selenite provides clarity of mind, and enhances awareness of self and surroundings. It is useful in Past-Life Regression, and also in Future-Life Exploration, with activation being achieved by rubbing the crystal between thumb and fore-finger while beginning meditation. Selenite's pure clean vibration will also clean most minerals within a 15 minute time period. If the mineral is left on the selenite for a longer period of time, the energy of the mineral will transmit through the selenite and permeate the room. Selenite's high vibrational energy aids us in aligning our higher selves'with our concious physical lives' helping us to manifest our desires into the physical. The energy is so high and pure, it fills our cells, our being, and all aspects of our lives with the pure love and light of the Divine Source. Selenite is useful in assisting making judgements, and in heightening intuition. It is useful in increasing flexibility and strength in decisions. In healing, Selenite has been used to align the spinal column or other parts of the skeletal system, and to promote flexibility in the muscles. It is also useful to nullify the 'poisoning' effect of metal-fillings in teeth, and has been used to extend life-span.
Crystals take on the characteristics of their environment; the finer the soil, the more clear the crystals. Iron oxide in the soil gives the crystals their chocolate brown color. Because these crystals form in wet soil, sand and clay particles are included within the crystal. Selenite programs quartz.

SERPENTINE This mineral eliminates parasitic infestations within the body. It is also usefull in the rise of the KUNDALINI. It stimulates an opening where the kundalini can travel and lessens the discomfort. It can be used to clear clouded areas of the chakras. Excellent stone for meditation.
This stone is light to dark green to whiteish green in color.

SILICA This mineral is excellent for calming and relaxing and reducing emotional upset. It is good for aiding in sleep, transforming negativity grounding and protection. Good also for freeing up your mind to be able to think clearly. It is also a great companion for your computer.
This mineral is metallic silver and light to the touch.

This mineral is said to be excellent for protection from negativity, and is excellent for grounding. It is also used to refine the vibratory energies. It provides for balancing of the yin-yang energy. It can also help with mind balance, energy balance, and attuning the energies requires for spiritual development.
This stone is clear/black in color.

SODALITE This mineral is excellent for use in eliminating confusion, and to bringing out the truth. It provides for access of universal law and stimulation of the throat chakra. Encourages self-esteem.
This mineral is dark blue with white and gray and black blotches.

SPECTROLITE/LABRADORITE This mineral is excellent for bringing to consciousness one's dreams or that which is ready to be released from the unconscious. A powerful transformation stone.
This stone is black to gray with yellow or purple-blue shetoyance (looks like flames of color) spotting.

STAR DIOPSIDE This mineral can be used to stimulate the intellect and can provide assistance in mathematical and analytical pursuits. It enhances academic learning and couples the practical side to the sciences and arts. It can be used as a healing stone for those that will not allow themselves to cry.
This mineral is black with a sheen, which sometimes stars like a star sapphire.

STRAWBERRY QUARTZ This mineral is useful for stimulating the energy center of the heart, filling one's total person with the feeling of love. It also balances the physical body with the subtle bodies. This stone is said to have been used in Atlantis and Lemuria in healing ceremonies.
This stone is light pink with white speckles.

SUGILITE This mineral brings realization of the connection between the well-being of the body and the mind. Sugilite is the LOVE STONE OF THE AGES, representing the perfection of the spiritual love of "All that Is" and facilitating the manifestation ofthes energy on the Earth plane. It eliminates anger, jealousy, prejudice and fear.
This mineral is purple to black and purple.

SUNSTONE This mineral has been used to both clear and energize the chakras and bring a feeling of squeaky-clean. It can be used to dissipate fear, and to alleviate stress. It has been used to provide good luck in games. It is thought to bring life and abundance to those fortunate to carry/wear it. It is also believed to provide protection from destructive forces.
This stone is golden in color.

TEKTITE-Tektite is a type of natural glass, chemically and structurally unique, of meteoric origin. Tektites usually have a heavily pitted surface. Many have the appearance of being stretched while in a molten state. They appear black, but when held up to the light, you can sometimes see a golden tint in translucent areas around the edges. This stone has banishing properties, eliminates bad energies, assists one in attaining knowledge and learning lessons throughout the travels of life. Balances the feminine/masculine, provides insight, strengthens one's energy field. Can stimulate thought transmissions.

TIBETAN QUARTZ This mineral is very helpful for relieving tension, and helps to cure eating disorders. This crystal can be used to enhance, amplify, and intensify transformation, releasing self-limitations, disease and disorders. It is also an excellent enhancer and activator of other crystals.
This stone is grayish clear or cloudy almost smokey due the amount of hematite where they are found.

TIGER IRON This mineral provides for balancing and equalizing, it is excellent for deflecting negativity, with these properties it is excellent for protection. It helps to bring clarity and light and is helpful for grounding.
This stone is metallic silver with gold or red or blue blotches.

TIGER EYE This mineral is excellent for protection, grounding and for bringing clarity and light to a situation. It is also used for past life regression protection, and astral travel protection.
This mineral is golden,dark blue or red in color.

TOPAZ Topaz gives inspiration and stimulation to the mind and soul. It replaces negativity with joy and love. It gives greater capabilities of awareness perception and creativity. It has a balancing effect on the nervous system and is good for mood swings, exhaustion or mental breakdown. Blue Topaz is traditionally known as the 'writers stone'.Topaz has strong electromagnetic qualities.
The blue stone opens the Throat Chakra for focus and mental clarity, the yellow stone opens the solar plexus for personal power and confidence.

TORMALATED QUARTZ This mineral is excellent for providing a bridge between spirit and matter, helping to bring balance and protection. It provides humanity with a tool which produces a solving atmosphere. It also can be used to assist on in actualizing strength in relationships and situations. It aides in eliminating destructive patterns and adjusts imbalances.
This mineral is clear with black stripes.

TORMALINE This mineral is excellent for providing a bridge between spirit and matter, helping to bring balance. BLACK-deflects negativity for protection. BLUE-Brings peace and calm communication. GREEN-Opens for channeling. PINK-Giver of love, heart healer.
This mineral is green, blue, black and pink in color.

TRANSLUCENT HALITE This mineral is an excellent for dissipating the feelings of danger and anger. It assists greatly in meditation, and is excellent for channeling and astral travel.
This mineral is pink to white to light orange in color.

TURQUOISE This mineral is an excellent for opening the heart and throat chakras. It connects you to the earth and universal energies. Also it strengthens the ability to give and receive, a stone of balance, protection and love.
This mineral is turquoise to greenish turquoise in color.

ULEXITE This mineral provides for a clear path to balance. It helps to stimulate the imagination, enhancing creativity. It stimulates the 3rd eye and assists in the interpretation of visions. It helps one to see the problem so one can be able to fix it.
This crystal is silky white fibrous with an overtone of pale green. This stone is metallic silver with gold or red or blue blotches.

ZIRCON This mineral is an excellent for and is known as the stone of virtue, it promotes union: physical, emotional mental and spiritual. Itcombines 1stt, 3rd, and 4th chakras raising them to a higher level of intensity. It symbolizes the unity of "All That Is" and man. It is also symbolic of purity, innocence and constancy.
This mineral is metallic and brown/rusty colored.


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